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CNC AL DFC Center Hub Set (Gold) - Blade 130X

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SKU 130X003-Y

1. Description:
- The CNC AL DFC Center Hub compatible RKH's CNC AL Main Blade Grip - Blade 130X to convert AL DFC Head.
- The CNC AL DFC Head is designed of 6061 Aluminum alloy to get:
+ Direct Flight Control (DFC) Rotor Head concept on the heli.
+ Performance and clear looking.
+ The linkage can be adjusted for blade tracking.
- Optimized for weight and durability.

2. Usage:
- Use for Blade 130X.

3. Weight:
- CNC AL DFC Head Set: 3.98(g) = 0.14(oz).

4. Included:
- CNC AL DFC Center Hub (1 set).

* Hardware:
- (SKU: M1.6x6PH-10) M1.6x6mm Pan Head Screw (1pcs).
- (SKU: M1.4x6PH-10) M1.4x6mm Pan Head Screw (2pcs).
- (SKU: AK1.3-2) Allen Key 1.3mm (1pcs).