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BIG 20% DISCOUNT, Auto Apply at Checkout Page
New: BLADE InFusion 120

New: BLADE InFusion 120

The Blade® InFusion 120 is a new design engineered for next-level durability and performance. Featuring an oversized direct-drive power system, no gears are driving the main rotor, allowing for instant power and lower parts count.

  • Fully Assembled: No building necessary and ready to bind to your compatible 6+ channel Spektrum DSMX/DSM2 equipped transmitter.

  • Direct Drive Power Systems: Brushless outrunner main and tail motors deliver instant power in a simple design with no gears.

  • AS3X Technology: Smooths out the effects of wind with no control limitations for nearly unlimited basic to 3D aerobatic capability.

  • Optional-Use SAFE Technology: With automatic self-leveling to make flying a collective pitch helicopter easier.

  • Panic Recovery: Recover the helicopter to a level attitude with the flip of a switch/press of a button.
Rakonheli CNC Advanced Upgrade Kit for Blade Nano S2, S3

Rakonheli CNC Advanced Upgrade Kit for Blade Nano S2, S3

Product Description:
- Utilize CNC milling and lathe machines for the production of high-quality components.
- Materials used include aluminum alloy, carbon, 3K pure carbon fiber, TPU, and Delrin/POM.
- Incorporate high-quality bearings, stainless steel screws, and washers for optimal performance.
- Prioritize weight optimization and durability.

Key Features:
1. Engineered with precision by assembling the head and tail using aluminum components to ensure accurate control.
2. Swashplate designed with a tilting angle capability of up to 21.7 degrees.
3. Frame design includes a main motor mount for gearmesh adjustment and a landing gear mount with secure screws.
4. Enhanced tail system stiffness through the use of Ø3mm carbon boom.
5. Tail motor mount features an aluminum heatsink with a large contact
area for improved efficiency and protection, supplemented by a TPU

Weight Comparison (excluding battery):
- Full Original: 26.72 g (0.94 oz).
- Full Rakonheli: 29.65 g (1.05 oz).

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Rakonheli Special Orange Advanced Upgrade Kit for the Blade 230 S/V2

Rakonheli Special Orange Advanced Upgrade Kit for the Blade 230 S/V2

- The CNC Blade 230S/V2 Performance package is a high-quality upgrade kit designed to enhance the rigidity, stability, durability, and overall performance of the Blade 230S or 230S V2 helicopter. It is manufactured using CNC milling and lathe machines, ensuring precise tolerances and optimal performance.

- The main features of the CNC Blade 230S/V2 Performance package are as follows:
1. Head and Tail Design: The head and tail are fully assembled using aluminum components, providing high precision control and improved stability.

2. Swashplate Tilting Angle: The swashplate is designed to have a tilting angle ability of up to 25 degrees, allowing for enhanced maneuverability and agility.

3. Frame Design: The frame features a main motor mount that can adjust the gear mesh and is equipped with three bearing blocks to support the main gear, shaft, and motor. This design ensures smooth power transmission and reduces vibrations.

4. Tail Boom Support: The tail boom support is designed to increase stiffness in the tail system, resulting in improved stability and control during flight.

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