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BIG 20% DISCOUNT, Auto Apply at Checkout Page

RKH Precision Aluminum Swashplate Set for GOOSKY S2

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$22.49 - $22.49
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1. Description:
- Our precision CNC Aluminum Swashplate and derlin Center Housing are designed to provide maximum strength and durability.
- We have used high-quality bearings to minimize any slop, ensuring precise and powerful cyclic control.
- The swashplate tilting angle has been increased to an impressive 24 degrees, allowing for even greater maneuverability.
- All components have been carefully optimized for both weight reduction and long-lasting performance.
- This swashplate set is specifically designed for use with the GOOSKY S2 model.

2. Weight:
- Stock Swashplate Set: 8.2g
- CNC Aluminum Swashplate Set: 7.41g

With our CNC Aluminum Swashplate Set, you can expect improved performance and control for your GOOSKY S2. The use of high-quality materials and meticulous design ensures that this upgrade will enhance your flying experience by providing increased strength, precision, and maneuverability. Additionally, the weight optimization ensures that you can enjoy these benefits without sacrificing overall weight. Upgrade to our CNC Aluminum Swashplate Set and take your flying to new heights.

3. Package included:
• 1 x RKH Precision Aluminum Swashplate Set for GOOSKY S2.

Note: Linkage Balls are not included (please use stock ones).

Color: Red