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Rakonheli CNC AL and CF Upgrade Kit 02 - Blade Nano QX2

SKU 2nQX981-R
Color: red

1. Description:
- Material: Aluminum alloy, 3K Pure Carbon Fiber and Delrin.
- Screw: Steel and Stainless Steel.
- Optimized for weight and durability.
- Use for 8mm Motors.
- Use for Blade Nano QX2.

2. Weight:
Lighter weight than the stock version (included all electronics):
- Stock Plastic Kit: 50(g) = 1.76(oz).
- CNC AL and CF Upgrade Kit 02: 44.88(g) = 1.58(oz).

3. Package Included:
1 x CNC AL and CF Upgrade Kit 02 (included hardware).
4 x White Oring 6x1mm.
2 x Double Sided Tape 25x25x2.0mm.

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