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Rakonheli CNC AL DFC Head Combo - Blade mCP S

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1. Description:
- Direct Flight Control (DFC) head system is designed to replace the stock head (the Hub and Blade Grips). DFC head to increase the accuracy in control when flying 2D or 3D.
- Material: Aluminum alloy, high quality steel bearings and stainless steel screws.
- The linkage can be adjusted for the blade tracking.
- All optimized for weight and durability.
- Weight: 2.53(g) = 0.09(oz).

- Use for Blade mCP S.

2. Package Included:

1 x Rakonheli CNC AL DFC Center Hub.

2 x Rakonheli CNC AL DFC Linkage.

2 x Rakonheli Plastic DFC Linkage.

2 x Rakonheli CNC AL Main Blade Grip.

Color: red