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BIG SALE 20% OFF, Limited Time, Auto Applied at Checkout Page
BIG SALE 20% OFF, Limited Time, Auto Applied at Checkout Page

RKH Precision CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip w/Linkage Set - Blade inFusion 120

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$34.99 - $34.99
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Product Description:
This CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip exemplifies precision engineering for elite performance in radio-controlled helicopters. It incorporates superior-quality radial and thrust bearings, ensuring a seamless assembly process. Our design ethos prioritizes optimizing both weight and durability to offer an unparalleled flight experience.

Designed to enhance the Blade inFusion 120 model, this main blade grip set is a direct replacement, ensuring compatibility and performance enhancements for these specific models.

Weight Comparison:
- Original Plastic Main Blade Grip w/Linkage Set: Weighing in at 4.24 grams (0.15 ounces), the stock version offers a baseline for comparison.
- CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip w/Linkage Set: Our upgraded version slightly increases the weight to 4.80 grams (0.169 ounces), a minimal change for a substantial upgrade in quality and performance.

Package Contents:
Each package includes two sets of the CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip, providing a complete solution for upgrading both sides of your helicopter. This package is designed to ensure you have everything needed for a straightforward installation, enhancing your model's performance and durability with a premium upgrade.

Color: red

Customer Reviews

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Right out of the box, I could see the superior craftsmanship and quality materials used in this set. The precision engineering is top-notch, and the inclusion of radial and thrust bearings makes for a seamless assembly process. The aluminum construction not only enhances durability but also adds a sleek, professional look to my helicopter.