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Rakonheli CNC AL Main Rotor Hub Set - Blade 230 S/V2, 250 CFX

SKU 230S010-R
Color: red

1. Description:
- Precision CNC Aluminum Main Rotor Hub.
- The Linkage Arm is designed to keep the Linkage Rod doesn't out when flying or crash.
- All optimized for weight and durability.
- Use for Blade 230 S, V2, 250 CFX

2. Weight:
- Stock Plastic Main Rotor Hub Set: 3.06(g) = 0.10(oz).
- CNC Aluminum Main Rotor Hub Set: 3.05(g) = 0.10(oz).

3. Package Included:
- CNC AL Main Rotor Hub (1 set).