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Rakonheli CNC 3K Pure Carbon Fiber Stiffener (6mm Motor) (for Blade Inductrix/FPV/Pro, 6064DQX980)

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1. Description:
- Support Frame Stiffening and Simple installation without any glue or fastening.
- Material: 3K Pure Carbon Fiber.
- Weight: 0.59(g) = 0.02(oz).
- Use for Stock or CNC Kit (6mm Motor) - Blade Inductrix/FPV/Pro.

- Use for RKH's CNC 64mm Ducted Quad X Kit (6mm Motor) (SKU: 6064DQX980) - RKH 64DQX.

2. Package Included:
1 x Rakonheli CNC 3K Pure Carbon Fiber Stiffener.