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Rakonheli CNC Delrin 104T Main Gear (for 200SRX303)

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SKU 200SRX305

1. Description:
- CNC Delrin 104T 0.5M Main Gear is sized smaller than 120T Stock Main Gear, designed to fit with Fuselages for this size Heli.
- If you use 104T Main Gear + Stock 11T Pinion you will have the new gear ratio (the same you use 120T Main Gear + 13T Pinion).
- Optimized for weight and durability.
Needed To Complete:
- RKH's CNC AL Main Gear Hub Set (SKU: 200SRX302).
- RKH's CNC AL Main Motor Mount Set (SKU: 200SRX601) or another main motor mount can be adjustable the gear mesh.

2. Usage:
- Use for Blade 200SRX.

3. Included:
- CNC Delrin 104T Main Gear (1pcs).