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[Steve Panebianco] Blade 350 QX Delrin Leg Set

Brian TQDMarch 18, 2019

Thank you for watching,Rakon Heli Co., Ltd.

[Drone Camps RC] Rakon Heli - Ultimate Chroma Upgrade, Build & Review

Brian TQDMarch 18, 2019

Drone Camps RC takes a moment to show you one of the nicest carbon frames for the Chroma Camera Drone. If you have a Chroma this new frame from Rakon Heli is the ultimate upgrade for your Chroma. This full build video includes build tips, and step by step instructions...

[Discover RC] Blade Nano CP S: Rakonheli Canopies

Brian TQDMarch 18, 2019

These are a few canopy upgrades for the Blade Nano CP S from Rakonheli. Also the carbon fiber vertical tail fin. Thanks for checking it out! Thank you for watching,Discover RC