Rakonheli Special Full Orange Upgrade Kit for the Blade 230 S/V2

SKU: 230S982-O

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- This kit is included all upgrade parts for the Blade 230 S or 230 S V2.
- Material: Aluminum alloy, Delrin, TPU and 3K Pure Carbon Fiber.
- Hardware: Assembly with high quality Bearings and Stainless Steel Screws, Washers.
- Designed the head to increase the swashplate tilting angle ability up to 25 degrees.
- Designed the frame setup with three bearing blocks to support main gear, shaft and motor.
- Designed the tail boom support to increase stiffness for the tail system.
- All optimized for weight and durability.

Weight Compare (without battery):
- Full Stock Plastic: 297.98(g) = 10.51(oz).
- Full Orange Upgrade Kit: 312.40(g) = 11.02(oz).

Package Included:
1. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Main Rotor Hub Set (SKU: 230S010-O), $24.99
2. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Main Blade Grip Set (SKU: 230S030-O), $27.99
3. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Swashplate Set (SKU: 230S178-O), $29.99
4. Rakonheli CNC Stainless Steel Spindle Shaft Set (SKU: 230S007), $7.99
5. Rakonheli CNC Delrin Dampener Set (SKU: 230S009), $4.99
6. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Main Shaft Collar (SKU: 230S407-O), $3.99
7. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Third Bearing Block Set (SKU: 230S423-O), $8.99
8. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum AR Guide Set (SKU: 230S438-O), $7.99
9. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Carbon Main Frame Set (SKU: 230S452-O), $69.99
10. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Carbon Landing Gear Set (SKU: 230S721-BO), $24.99
11. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Canopy Mount Set (SKU: 230S799-O), $8.99
12. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Tail Boom-Standard Length (SKU: 230S800-O), $11.99
13. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Tail Boom Support Set (SKU: 230S812-O), $17.99
14. Rakonheli CNC 3K Pure Carbon Fiber Tail Fin Set (SKU: 230S854-BO), $8.99
15. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Tail Motor Mount Set (SKU: 230S860-O), $24.99
16. Rakonheli Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Tail Propeller Adapter (SKU: 200SRX956-O), $3.99
17. [Gift] Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Swash Leveler (SKU: 230ST01-O)
18. [Gift] Rakonheli 240mm PA Glass Fiber Main Blade (SKU: MBL240-O)
19. [Gift] Rakonheli 82mm 3-Blade PC Tail Blade (2) (SKU: 3TBL82B-O).

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