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Rakonheli Special Full Green Upgrade Kit for the Blade Trio 180 CFX

Original price $327.02
Current price $277.97
SKU 180TRIO982-G

- This kit is included all upgrade parts for the Blade Trio 180 CFX.
- Material: Aluminum alloy, Delrin, TPU and 3K Pure Carbon Fiber.
- Hardware: Assembly with high quality Bearings and Stainless Steel Screws, Washers.
- Designed the Trio Head, Frame and Tail with new features, full aluminum assembly to get high precision in control.
- Designed the Swashplate tilting angle ability up to 21.25 degrees.
- Designed the Main Frame is easy to assemble the servos without remove the canopy pin or battery tray..
- Designed three Delrin Servo Case to protect and prevent the plastic servo tabs damage in crashes.
- Designed the Tail Boom Support to increase stiffness for the tail system.
- All optimized for weight and durability.
- Weight (without battery): 170.26(g) = 6.00(oz).

Package Included:
1. Rakonheli CNC 3-Blade Head Combo 02 (SKU: 180TRIO019-G), $79.99

2. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum and Carbon Advanced Main Frame (SKU: 180CFX452-G), $59.99

3. Rakonheli CNC Delrin Servo Case Support Set (SKU: 180CFX506-G), $3.99

4. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Tail Boom Mount Set (SKU: 180CFX613-G), $34.99

5. Rakonheli CNC Landing Gear Set (SKU: 180CFX721-BG), $20.99

6. Rakonheli CNC CF Tail Fin Set (SKU: 180CFX854-BG), $6.99

7. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Tail Boom Support Set (SKU: 180CFX812-G), $12.99

8. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Tail Boom Clamp Set (SKU: 180CFX816-G), $12.99

9. Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Tail Push Rod Guide Set (SKU: 180CFX827-G), $9.99

10. Rakonheli CNC Tail Advanced Combo (SKU: 180CFX867-G), $84.11

11. [Gift] Rakonheli CNC Aluminum Swash Leveler (SKU: 180CFXT01-G)

12. [Gift] Rakonheli Plastic Main Blade 155mm (3) (SKU: 155BL-3-G)

13. [Gift] Rakonheli Plastic Tail Blade 34mm (SKU: 180CFX971-G).