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Rakonheli CNC Tail Advanced Combo - Blade 180 CFX, Trio 180 CFX

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$84.11 - $84.11
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SKU 180CFX867-R

1. Description:
- Material: Aluminum alloy (Tail Gear Case, Tail Blade Grips, Tail Pitch Slider and Tail Pitch Lever). Hardened Steel Tail Shaft and Hub.

- Used Stainless Steel Balls and High Quality Radial Bearing for assembly.

- Optimized for weight and durability.

- Use for Blade 180 CFX, Trio 180 CFX.

2. Weight:
- Stock Plastic Tail Combo: 9.94(g) = 0.35(oz).

- Rakonheli CNC Tail Advanced Combo: 10.70(g) = 0.37(oz).

3. Combo Included:

Saving 15% OFF on Retail Price of Separate Parts.

1. Rakonheli CNC AL Tail Gear Case Set (SKU: 180CFX860)
Retail Price: $26.99

2. BLADE Tail Shaft and Hub (SKU: BLH3432-1)
Retail Price: $6.99

3. Rakonheli CNC AL Tail Pitch Slider Set (SKU: 180CFX896)
Retail Price: $24.99

4. Rakonheli CNC AL Tail Pitch Lever Set (SKU: 180CFX926)
Retail Price: $17.99

5. Rakonheli CNC AL Tail Blade Grip Set (SKU: 180CFX959)
Retail Price: $21.99

Color: red