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Hardware Set 01 - Blade 350 QX/2/3

SKU 350QX-HW01

1. Description:
- Spare parts for RKH CNC Advanced Upgrade Kit (SKU: 350QX980, 981).
- Steel, stainless steel, plastic and nylon material.

2. Included:

- (SKU: 143003PW-10) 1.4x3.0x0.3mm Plastic Washer (10pcs).

- (SKU: 266005W-10) 2.6x6.0x0.5mm Steel Washer (10pcs).

- (SKU: 325HTP-10) M3x5.6x25mm Nylon Spacer (10pcs).

- (SKU: M1.2x3SPH-10) M1.2x3mm Self Tapping Pan Head Screw (10pcs).

- (SKU: M1.2x4SPH-10) M1.2x4mm Self Tapping Pan Head Screw (10pcs).

- (SKU: M1.6x5SPH-10) M1.6x5mm Self Tapping Pan Head Screw (10pcs).

- (SKU: M2x4BH-10) M2x4mm Button Head Screw (10pcs).

- (SKU: M2x5BH-10) M2x5mm Button Head Screw (10pcs).

- (SKU: M2LN-10) M2 Lock Nut (10pcs).

- (SKU: M2.5x4BH-10) M2.5x4mm Button Head Screw (10pcs).

- (SKU: M2.5x5BH-10) M2.5x5mm Button Head Screw (10pcs).

- (SKU: M2.5x8BH-10) M2.5x8mm Button Head Screw (10pcs).

- (SKU: M2.5x10SCS-10) M2.5x10mm Self Tapping Cap Screw (10pcs).

- (SKU: M3x10BH-10) M3x10mm Button Head Screw (10pcs).