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Furious FPV micro BEC 5V/12V

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SKU FPV-0156-S

- High-Efficiency Synchronous Mode
- Wide 7V to 21V Input range
- Voltage output can be 5V or 12V adjustable. (default is 5V)
- OCP Protection and Hiccup
- Thermal Shutdown
- Output Short-circuit tolerant (5 sec/minute)
Continuous load current: 1.5A (Max2.5A 5sec)
Vol out: 5V or 12V (default 5V)
Vol out Load Regulation: 2%
Max Duty Cycle: 95%
Output Ripple: 20mV (Vin=16V, Vout=12V@1.5A)
40mV (Vin=16V, Vout=5V@1.5A)
Size: 17x11x3mm
Weight: 1g
Furious FPV Micro BEC 5V/12V
A Highly efficient synchronous rectified step-down switch mode converter. It offers a very compact solution to achieve 1.5A continuous output current over a wide input supply voltage (7 to 21V). Furious FPV Micro BEC 5V/12V with an output filter to reduce noise use to flight controller, V-TX, Cam, LED… working better.
Choose V-out 5Vol/12Vol.
Default BEC have Vol out is 5Vol, if you need power out is 12Vol please solder connect 2 Pad 12vol at left-Bottom of Bottom side of Micro BEC same as this picture.

Dowload: Furious FPV Micro BEC 5V/12V