CNC AL Main Blade Grips Set - Blade mCPXBL

1. Description:
- Used high quality radial bearings for being more precise bearing and more durability for flying brushless mod.
- Optimized for weight and durability.

2. Usage:
- Use for Blade mCPXBL.

3. Weight:
- CNC AL Main Blade Grip Set: 1.9(g) = 0.067(oz). Lighter weight than Stock Plastic Main Blade Grip.

4. Included:
- CNC AL Main Blade Grip (1set).

* Hardware:
- (SKU: MR682-2) 2x5x1.5 Radial Bearing (4pcs).
- (SKU: SOR001-10) Silicone O-Ring Size 001 (2pcs).
- (SKU: M2x8PH-10) M2x8mm Pan Head Screw (2pcs).