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CNC AL Advanced Main Frame w/Tail Boom Support Set - Blade mCPXBL

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Color: silver

1. Description:
- The CNC Main Frame is designed from 6061 Aluminum alloy, Carbon Fiber and Delrin.
Special Features:
a. Compatible and replaceable for Plastic Main Frame.
b. Compatible with stock motor and C05M, HP05, HP06... brushless motor, also you can be customized the pinion from 7T to 12T.
c. The Tail Boom is hold and clamped by M1.2 screw.
d. Have screws at Landing Gear Holder for supporting landing gear better.

e. Canopy pins/rods can be easy replacement. Also have an option the tail boom suport.
f. Optimized for weight and durability.

2. Usage:
- Use for Blade mCPXBL.

3. Weight:
- The CNC AL Advanced Main Frame Set: 3.82(g) = 0.13(oz).
- The CNC AL Tail Boom Support Set: 0.41(g) = 0.014(oz).

4. Included:
- CNC AL Advanced Main Frame w/Tail Boom Support (1set).

* Hardware:
- (SKU: MR63-2) 3x6x2 Radial Bearing (2pcs)
- (SKU: SOR001-10) Silicone O-Ring Size 001 (2pcs)
- (SKU: M1x2SPH-10) M1x2mm Self Tapping Pan Head Screw (3pcs)
- (SKU: M1x2PH-10) M1x2mm Pan Head Screw (27pcs)
- (SKU: M1x3SPH-10) M1x3mm Self Tapping Pan Head Screw (4pcs)
- (SKU: M1x3PH-10) M1x3mm Pan Head Screw (3pcs)
- (SKU: M1x4PH-10) M1x4mm Pan Head Screw (3pcs)
- (SKU: M1x5PH-10) M1x5mm Pan Head Screw (2pcs)
- (SKU: M1.2x3PH-10) M1.2x3mm Pan Head Screw (1pcs)