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Rakonheli CNC AL 3 Blade Head Combo - Blade Nano CPX/CP S, Nano S2

Original price $76.99
Current price $69.29
Color: red

1. Description:
- Precision CNC Aluminum Hub, Blade Grips and Swashplate.
- Steel and Stainless Steel Hardware.
- CNC Main Blade Grips and Swashplate used high quality radial bearings for being more precise flying normal, 3D or brushless mod.
- Rubber O-Rings included to reduce plays at link Blade Grips and Swashplate with Linkage Rod.
- Plastic Main Blade 89mm.
- All optimized for weight and durability.

2. Usage:
- Use for Blade Nano CPX/CP S, Nano S2.

3. Weight:
- CNC AL 3 Blade Head Combo: 6.23(g) = 0.22(oz).

4. Package Included:
1 x (SKU: nCPS016) CNC AL 3 Blade Main Center Hub.
3 x (SKU: nCPS034) CNC AL Multi Blade Main Blade Grip.
3 x (SKU: nCPS035) CNC AL Multi Blade DFC Linkage.
1 x (SKU: nCPS188) CNC AL 3 Blade Swashplate.
3 x Plastic Main Blade 89mm.
1set O-ring and Hardware.

5. Video Review: