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CNC Advanced Upgrade Kit (7mm Motor Mount) - Blade Nano QX/FPV

SKU nQX981-R
Color: red

1. Description:
- Precision CNC Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Delrin Kit and Steel Screws.
- The Aluminum 7mm Motor Mount is designed as a heatsink with large contact area help the Motor cooler.
- The Main Frame is designed for Blade Nano QX can use with FPV Camera.
- Compatible and replacement the Stock.
- Optimized for weight and durability.

2. Usage:
- Use for Blade Nano QX/FPV.
- Use for 7mm Motors.

3. Weight:
- Stock Plastic Kit: 3.57(g) = 0.13(oz).
- CNC Advanced Upgrade Kit (7mm Motor Mount): 3.92(g) = 0.14(oz).

4. Included:
- CNC Advanced Upgrade Kit (7mm Motor Mount) (1 set).

* How to install?

* Option (not included):
- Sticker Skin for CNC Advanced Upgrade Kit (SKU: nQXSK)

* Videos: