CNC 4 Blades Head Combo 04 - Blade mCPXBL

1. Description:
- High precision CNC 4 blades rotor head system is designed to have the better true look for scale Helicopter at mCPXBL size. With the original motor setup, it is not a overpowered 3D monster but can do most of aerobatic maneuvers: flip, roll and inverted flights. You can also play with your outrunner brushless motor setup to get more powerful and fun.
- Compatible with Stock Plastic and Upgrade Main Frame.

- Optimized for weight and durability.

2. Usage:
- Use for Blade mCPXBL.

3. Included:
- (SKU: mCPXBL023) CNC 4 Blades Main Rotor Hub w/Head Stopper Set (1set).
- (SKU: mCPXBL034) CNC Multi-Blades Main Blade Grips Set (4sets).
- (SKU: mCPXBL035) CNC AL Multi-Blades DFC Linkage Set (4sets).
- (SKU: mCPXBL188) Multi-Blades Swashplate Set (1set).

- (SKU: LK3809-4) 4 Rotor Head Linkages (1-set).
(SKU: mCPXBL006) Plastic DFC Linkage (1-set).

4. Video: