Rakonheli Special Black Carbon Aluminum Upgrade Kit for the Blade Inductrix FPV Plus

- Produce: 100% on CNC Milling, Lathe and 3D Printing Machine.
- Material: Aluminum alloy, 3K Pure Carbon Fiber, Plastic and TPU.
- Hardware: Stainless Steel Screws.
- Compatibility: All original electronics.
- All optimized for weight and durability.
- Use for Blade Inductrix FPV Plus.
- Weight (without battery): 40.73(g) = 1.44(oz).

Package included:
1 x Rakonheli CNC AL Carbon Upgrade Kit (8mm Motor) (Black) (SKU: IDTP981-K), $49.99
1 x Hydrographics Canopy (for BLH9606) (Black Carbon) (SKU: C03-H01), $14.99
1 x [Gift] 40mm 4 Blade Propeller (2CW+2CCW; 1.0mm Shaft) (Black) (SKU: 4PROP4010-K), $5.99